Let's get started!

Thank you for sitting at this talking park bench.

Conversation is food for the soul. Get your fill here.

It’s simple.

  1. Find a companion.  Stranger, friend, other… 
  2. If you’re feeling awkward, turn to your companion and have a laugh about it.
  3. Select a conversation starter from the link below (randomly generated)
  4. Start a conversation!

Conversation tips:

  • Listen – Keep an open mind. Avoid interruptions. Ask open questions about aspects of curiosity to you.
  • Wander – Don’t feel that you need to use every card or stick to the topic. Be guided by curiosity.
  • Pause – It’s ok to pause in conversation. It takes courage to leave space and ponder.
  • Time – Be aware that your companion may need to leave, and so might you. Set some boundaries or expectations if you need to. Time is precious. Embrace what you have.

Be curious. Be respectful. Be yourself.